ACD/ChemSketch is the powerful all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics package from ACD/Labs developed to help chemists quickly and easily draw molecules, reactions, and schematic diagrams, calculate chemical properties, and design professional reports and presentations.
ACD/ChemSketch includes:

  • Structure mode for drawing chemical structures and calculating their properties
  • Draw mode or text and graphics processing
  • Additional modules that extend the ChemSketch possibilities (most of them should be purchased separately)
  • ChemBasic, a programming language similar to Basic for chemists to create their own customized applications

New Features:

  • Export to PDF. Previously available in commercial version only
  • Element images in the Periodic Table window
  • Improved generation of stereodescriptors—warning about missed and incorrect designation
  • InChI to Structure capability. Convert InChI codes into chemical structures
  • WebSearch Add-on. Search structure in PubChem and eMolecules Web databases
  • RSS feed. RSS news bar to keep you informed about ACD/Labs and any other RSS news feeds

To download ChemSketch you are *required* to *register* for their forums FIRST, then you can enter your email address & password to access the download. Follow the “please fill out the registration form” link on the download page.
Also, if you need help you can ask for it in the ACD forums.

Author: Advanced Chemistry Development
Required: Windows
Size: 26.0 m
Downloads: 5446

~ by evisyari on October 5, 2008.

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